Monday, 26 November 2012

More on the perfect pannier

My panniers have arrived and they look great! Of course, I can't test them on my Gazelle pedelec yet as it is still on the water on the way to Australia. (I now appreciate air freight - shipping is so slow.)

As I had such trouble deciding on my panniers, I thought I would put up some detailed pictures of them showing the pockets and straps. I would have liked to see images like these when I was looking to buy, so hopefully they will help someone else. These panniers are the Basil Jada double panniers. I bought the grey, but they come in other colors.

There are two of these pockets (one in each pannier.)
They span the width of the pannier and have a zip.
They are just under the pannier rain flap.
There are four of these side pockets (two in each pannier).

There are four of these inside pockets (two in each pannier).

This is one of the two straps that attach to the pannier rack.

This is one of the two straps that attach to the side of the bike.

 I also bought a cute picnic set from Australia Post, only $30, a bargain. I have taken out the napkins to wash, but the set is basically what you see below.

As you can see, it sits perfectly in the pannier!

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