Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another great review

Just in time to make me feel really good about my purchase, I see that there is another very positive review out on the Gazelle Innergy XT. It is by David Halfpenny of Bicycles Network Australia. You can read the review here.

David has given the bike a good work-out and despite a few little quibbles, the bike has come up trumps.

One question I had was that the review makes mention of the Gazelle coming with Schwalbe Marathon tyres. However, the specifications for the Gazelle Orange Plus Innergy XT on the Gazelle Australia site says Schwalbe CityLite tyres are standard. 

FYI, I had my tyres upgraded before delivery to the Schwalbe Marathon as it seems very difficult to fix a puncture. (I thought I was getting Schwalbe Marathon Plus, but it seems I have Schwalbe Marathon. Not being a tyre expert, I will have to trust MySpokes on this one.)

Update: I spoke to the ever-helpful Sean at MySpokes, and yes, these are great tyres for my bike. Just a tread difference, apparently. I can report that they ride well and no punctures so far.

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