Monday, 17 December 2012

Basket case

I recently ordered a basket for the front of my bike. 

I was initially a bit hesitant about getting a front basket. This is because the basket tends to make the bike steering a bit wobbly and unstable, especially if you load it up. But any heavy shopping I do will go into the panniers at the back of the bike, so I thought a front basket might come in handy just for holding my handbag and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. 

I had a quick word with the ever helpful Sean at MySpokes in Mooroolbark, and it appears that on an electric bike the basket does not hang off the handlebars. Rather is attached to the stem. Hopefully this will make the bike steering a bit better when the basket is fully loaded. It also means that I can't look at baskets with a normal mounting system or with hooks - I need a Basil basket with the BasEasy mounting system.

I started my search for the basket by looking at the full range on the Basil Netherlands site, and then I went to Gazelle Australia site and checked out the Australian Basil Collection.

Now I like the retro look of wicker baskets, and at first I was considering the Basimply II basket below by Basil.
It has the dimensions 34 x 25 x 27 cm and I think it looks nicely traditional and sturdy.

But in the end I decided on the Basil Beauty Shopper, dimensions 23 x 33 x 23 cm.

I chose this one because it is a bit smaller than the Basimply II above, and it has a lid. I think that will be useful to keep both the rain out, and lighter items in, when riding along.

The maximum weight for this basket is 5 kg, and this should be ample I think.

The BasEasy mounting system is shown below:

It looks pretty simple to put a basket on and take it off. Possibly too simple. I'm planning on leaving my basket on the bike, so I'll have to cross my fingers and hope no one steals it.

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