Monday, 10 December 2012

Delays, delays, delays

I'm sorry to report that I will not be pedelecing this week.

It was originally thought that my Gazelle Innergy XT pedelec would be ready for delivery this week. And there was a remote  possibility that it would have been ready last week.

But, alas, the shipment of bikes will now arrive late December. And if something lands at the docks in late December, I'm pretty sure it won't move from there until January. Darn! It seems that the freight forwarder gave the wrong dates to Gazelle.

So I've packed up my picnic set, helmet and pannier bags and put them away at the top of the cupboard.

On the positive side, the delay gives me a chance to really check out other accessories for the bike. I've been playing around with the Thule Europower bike rack, and I'll be posting something on that soon.

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