Monday, 31 December 2012

Gazelle versus car

One of my rationales for buying the Gazelle pedelec was to replace some of my short car trips with a trip by bicycle. We live quite close to two supermarkets, but the return trip is uphill and a bit of a grind. I have tried a grocery run a couple of times with my Trek, but it was too hard and not enjoyable.

So in the couple of days since I picked up my Gazelle I have had two trips to the shops for groceries. I have never used panniers before and I was wondering how they might affect the bike balance. But there was no problem at all. Although on my first trip I just bought some milk and bread. (OK, I confess, even though we didn't need it I bought a baguette just because I thought it would look good!) I zoomed up that hill that used to seem so steep in 'Boost' and loved it.

On my second trip I was a bit more adventurous and half-filled the panniers with groceries. Again, no  problem with balance and even better, no problem with the hill. The Gazelle whizzed up it. I actually weighed the groceries on my return and they weighed 7.5 kg and there was room for plenty more. (Good choice of pannier.)
Gazelle Innergy Plus fitted with Basil Beauty Shopper front basket
and Basil Jada Double panniers loaded with groceries
Apart from the environmental positives in reducing car trips, I also think that there must be some health benefits in using the Gazelle. Even with using 'Boost' on the return trip, it must be better for me than sitting in a car.

For my own interest, I have decided to keep of tally of 'replaced' trips. So...

Number of Replaced
Car Trips
Total Distance


  1. Hi Aggy, I was wondering what the maximum weight the Basil panniers are rated to carry?

  2. Sorry, I can't find this information anywhere. Maximum I've put these panniers so far is just over 3.5 each side. But I'll post up when I have have done a ride with heavier weights in the panniers.