Saturday, 29 December 2012

It's here!

Well, after a long wait the Gazelle Innergy XT is here!

At this point I need to thank Gary and Sean at MySpokes who went beyond the call of duty and worked way past closing time yesterday to put my Gazelle together. And Sean was called in from his holidays - thank-you Sean! 

All I can say about the Gazelle is - it's great! It's kind of bigger than I expected, but it is beautiful. As I said, I picked it up late yesterday and I only managed to fit in a short 3 km up and down the hills in Croydon before we adjourned for a celebratory sparkling.  

Back in Geelong I went for a long ride this morning with our Saturday group, but instead of taking the Trek, I took the Gazelle. Fabulous! For once instead of struggling at the back of the ride, I zoomed up the hills in 'Boost'. 

The ride around Geelong (out to Geelong Grammar and back) was pretty flat, and I managed a lot of it with no assist at all. On the way back, a headwind had gotten up, and I gleefully put it onto 'Eco', then 'Normal' and, at the slightest sign of a hill, 'Boost'. The entire ride was 37 km, and I used one bar of the Gold battery. 

The Gazelle at the Geelong waterfront.
(I haven't had time to put on the panniers.)

After a couple of coffees, Mr Aggy and I rode back home via the river. Poor Mr Aggy had to ride up the steep side of Pako Hill just so I could use 'Boost' again. This extra ride added another 7.5 km but the battery was still showing four bars (one bar used). 

Interestingly, I could feel it in my legs when I arrived back home. I used a heart monitor on the ride and I averaged 140 bpm, so I assume I had a decent work-out.

With the first ride under the belt, I am still struggling a bit with figuring out the gears and the correct 'assist' settings. I am looking forward to having some more practice. 

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