Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ride-on magazine reviews the Gazelle electric bike

Just a quick note about a new review on the Gazelle Orange Plus Innergy XT.

The December-January (2012-2013) edition of Ride-On magazine, published by Bicycle Network Victoria, has done a review on this bike. The reviewer, Simon Vincent, rates the bike at 99.5%! 

Simon has ridden a number of eBikes and you can also read some reviews in his article from March 2012 'E-bikes charge ahead'. Interestingly, a previous model, the Gazelle Orange Pure Innergy, rated 99%. So clearly the Gazelle has been producing top-notch electric bikes for some time.

Looks like I've made the right choice!

Update: Omafiets Dutch Bicycles (a Sydney bike store and Gazelle seller) has published a link to the full review. You can see their take on the review here and their link to the magazine review here

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