Saturday, 19 January 2013

Croydon To Jells Park Return - Basket Problems

Last Tuesday, Jules and I did our first ride by ourselves.

Our plan in the morning was to ride to Croydon to Carrum and back, but as you can see from the title of this post, we only made it to Jells Park.

We started off on the Taralla Creek Trail and then joined the Dandenong Creek Trail. We had a lovely ride through bushland and felt like we were miles from civilisation. 

At one point, the Eastlink Trail and the Dandenong Creek Trail diverge and we had to backtrack a bit to keep on the Dandenong Creek trail. This involved going past the tip (yuck, cover your nose) and along the boardwalk.

Then problems! I turned around to see Jules make a spectacular leap off her bike and land about the metre down in the shrub off the boardwalk. We had both been having difficulties with our Basil Beauty baskets rotating on the handlebar stem. On the bumpy boardwalk, Jules' basket had rotated around causing her to unbalance. Rather than fall half onto the boardwalk, she leapt off the bike to land cleanly. (It was a spectacular leap!) She was quite shaken up and a bit jolted but OK.

The basket has rotated quite dangerously.

Fortunately, Mr Jules had supplied a couple of occy straps, so she took her basket off and attached it to the back of the bike for the rest of the ride. I jammed my handlebars forward and managed to keep the basket mainly in place. But we can see a trip to MySpokes coming up.

We arrived at Jells Park at about noon and found a great spot under a tree for a picnic overlooking the lake. (Sorry, forgot to take a photo, but we had a great lunch of picnic pies, muffins, cheese and wine.)

Jells Park has a carry-in, carry-out policy, so there are no bins in the park. (There is one, however, near the kiosk and cafe... I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.) 

There are also toilets at the cafe, my rating 5/10. They need to be cleaned more often.

The bikes parked outside the cafe.

We decided to ride back via Eastlink and the Mullum Mullum Trail, with a detour to test the bikes on some steep hills in Ringwood. (I mucked up the GPS here, so the rest of the ride is gone.)

Tip: There is a great coffee shop off the Mullum Mullum Trail called 'Torrente'. You wouldn't know it was there from the trail, so look for this sign:

Turn up this path and go right at the road..

The pathway to coffee!

Ride Details:
  • Ride 52 km on gravel and paved trails
  • First 20 km, downhill, no wind, 0 bar (The trip to Jells Park was mainly downhill and most of the time we didn't have our bikes switched on.)
  • Next 32 km, mainly uphill, 3 bars

You can view the ride on Strava here.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the cafe. Will check it out this weekend