Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gone with the wine

Last Saturday was Australia Day and Mr Aggy and I went for a long ride with our riding group. I was on my Trek and was consequently wrecked for the the rest of Saturday. I also did nothing on the Sunday part from walking to the supermarket for chocolate. 

So on the Australia Day holiday on Monday Mr Aggy and I thought we had better bestir ourselves and go for a ride. I was fairly keen to see if the Gazelle can make it from Geelong to Queenscliff, but as this might have been a bit far, we settled on a shorter circuit.

We decided to target a winery, Leura Park, which is just off the Bellarine Rail Trail. This also serves lunch, so I booked a table for two and off we set.

The trail is quite flat and I was determined to ride very conservatively as I wanted to see if I could get to Queenscliff and back on another day.  

There was a bit of a headwind, but at least this meant an easy trip back.

We arrived at the Portarlington Road turnoff at around 11:45 am. I had lunch booked for 1:00 pm, so we decided to continue on to Drysdale. This is very close to the highest point on the ride, so it is a good test for the battery.

If you are going to ride to Drysdale, be warned that there is a very bad road crossing as you enter Drysdale. There are no lights nearby so you just have to try to cross this very busy road.

Bad road crossing
However, it's worth the angst. Over the road is the Drysdale station for the Bellarine Railway. We arrived just as a steam train arrived. Lots of kids were having a great time!

At this stage of the journey we had ridden about 26 km the Gold battery was still on the first bar. I'm starting to think that Queenscliff return might just be possible.

Back to the Portarlington Road turnoff and onto the road. The ride along the road here is on a very wide bicycle lane and feels quite safe.

Leura Park winery was great. First we had a wine tasting and then we had lunch under a tent in the garden.

How good does this look?
Lovely surroundings, good wine and food - we'll be going back. 

Unfortunately on the way back the wind had changed again and we had a headwind again - very annoying. Again, I was trying to ride conservatively, but I had to use 'Boost' a couple of times. 

Mr Aggy and I rewarded ourselves for getting out and about with a bottle of Leura Park Estate Pinot Chardonnay on the deck at home that night. Pretty much a perfect day!

Ride Details:
  • Ride 46 km on trail, mostly flat
  • Windy
  • Riding to conserve battery, mainly Eco or off.
  • Ticked over second bar on Gold battery at 46 km as I arrived home. 

Number of Replaced
Car Trips
Total Distance

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