Thursday, 10 January 2013

Great Ocean Road Pedelec Ride

Last Monday, I went for a very pleasant ride along the Great Ocean Road with Mr Aggy and two friends, Big A and Little A.

We left early in the morning because the traffic on the road picks up after 8:00 am, and we decided to park a bit out of Lorne because I wasn't too sure about the bike range on the hilly terrain. Our actual route took us from about 8 km out of Wye River up to Cape Patton and back.

Feel the serenity!

The scenery was fabulous and I could actually enjoy it as I wasn't slogging it up the hills. I was the only one on a pedelec and I felt a bit sorry for the others (but only a bit.) This is a ride that I would not normally have done on my Trek - too hilly - so the pedelec enabled me to participate.

The riding group

Big A (who is very fit) and I also raced a few times, and while he is much quicker over short distances, the pedelec easily bested him on the long climbs, (not really a fair race, but what the heck!)

On the way back we stopped for breakfast at Wye River. There were quite a few bikes already there and more coming as a large pelaton set out from there earlier. They are obviously used to lots of cyclists at the cafe as the service was really fast.

Ride Details:

  • All up the ride was about 32 km on hilly, made roads
  • Used one bar on the Gazelle's Gold battery. However I think I must have been fairly significantly into the second bar as I used Boost quite a bit.

The ride on Strava can be seen here.

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