Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Putting the Gazelle through its paces

Well today I thought I would see how well the Innergy XT handled two of the biggest hills in my area.

The first one I went up is know locally as 'Cementies'. 

A bit of history, as told to me by my father, so I can't vouch for its accuracy...

In days gone, horses used to pull bags of cement up Cementies hill, so named because of the Cement Works at the bottom. The hill was so steep that some of the horses had heart attacks while pulling up the heavy loads. This prompted the building of 'The Deviation' - a less steep, more winding route.]
So, you can tell this hill is steep! At one point the grade is 19%, and the average grade according to Strava is 7.5%. The distance is about 0.7 km.

Incidentally, my problem with cycling apps has been solved. Strava has told me just to mark my rides as a 'Workout', and all will be well - so simple!

Anyway, I put the Gazelle on 'Boost', and up I went. I won't pretend it was easy. I dropped down the lowest gear, and I was really puffed up the top, but I got to the top without stopping. I have never been able to get anywhere near the top before. And according to Strava, my average speed was 15.1 km/h - really fast! You can see the ride here.

I was also interested in the battery drain. After this climb, the Gold battery still had all five bars showing. It dropped to four bars when I had cycled about 18 km overall on the battery (5 km before this ride).

 Later on, I went up Queens Park Hill. Those of you who have seen the 2010 UCI World Championships in Geelong might be familiar with this climb as it formed part of the course.

This climb rises for 0.5 km and has an average grade of 8% and a maximum grade of around 14%. 

Again, I was pretty puffed buy the time I arrived at the top - but I did get there without stopping! I used 'Boost' all the way and ended up in the lowest gear. My average speed was 9.4 km per hour. Much, much faster than I could achieve without assist! You can see the ride here.

I am still on the same battery charge, and to date it has done 24 km, including Cementies and Queens Park Hill East. The Gold battery is still showing four bars. Pretty reassuring, I think.

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