Sunday, 6 January 2013

Strava (and Cyclemeter) revisited

On re-reading my post about Strava, I thought it could have a bit more detail about this app, especially as I am now using it to track my pedelec rides. 

So to explain a bit more...

First, some background. I use Strava to record my rides on my Trek. For those of you unfamiliar with Strava, you set it up on your iPhone (or other device) and it uses GPS tracking to record where you have ridden. It also lets you define 'segments' along the way and you can compare your time on the segment with others. If you have the best time, you get 'King of the Mountain' or KOM. Best female time gets 'Queen of the Mountain' or QOM.

The KOM title seems to be pretty competitive and is keenly sought after. In my case, it seems very few females use Strava on the routes I ride, so I have some QOMs by being the only one! Hooray! (Further to this, if you are desperately after a KOM, you can define a segment that ends in your back yard - thereby guaranteeing that you will be KOM.)

KOM and QOM, are, of course, on unassisted bikes. If you want to use Strava on a pedelec, you must either mark the ride as 'Private' - then only you can see it - or change it to generic activity such as 'workout'.  This takes you off the leaderboard. (See

Now I didn't want to confuse my unassisted Strava rides on my Trek with my assisted Strava rides on my Gazelle, so I decided to have two Strava accounts. The downside of this is that to keep my two Strava accounts separate, I had to log into my iPhone under the right account name before I set off on my ride. This is a bit of a pain, and frankly, I am hopeless at remembering passwords.

So, instead I now use Strava on my iPhone to track my unassisted Trek rides, and Cyclemeter on my iPhone to track my assisted Gazelle rides. When I have finished an assisted ride, I email myself a GPX file from Cyclemeter and import it into Stava. I then change the activity to 'Workout'. Simple! You can see one of my rides on my pedelec here.

This all seems to work well. I can crop out start and finish points for privacy, and it looks like I can define workout segments, so I will be able to see if I am getting any fitter by trying to beat my own times on these segments. Also, one of the best things about Strava is that it gives you grades of the hills. This is particularly good for pedelec rides, as it is nice to know how steep a hill it can climb.

A word of warning: GPS tracking really depletes the iPhone battery. After nearly losing the data from a long ride, I bought a Mophie Juice Pack. The iPhone slots into this and uses the Juice pack battery first. When this is depleted, the iPhone reverts to its own battery. So you can really extend the length of GPS tracking.

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