Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bike on a train

Tomorrow I am planning on going to the Tredlie market in Melbourne which is part of Bikefest 2013. I have been looking forward to checking out some of the stores that I have only seen online.

I really like the clothing from Cyclette in Sydney and I want to try on a few things so I can determine my sizing for later online orders. (And probably buy that vest I've been looking at!) My other target is CycleStyle. They have great bicycle handbags and I also want to look at their bags for bike racks. And MySpokes is having a stand there so I'll definitely go and look at the Gazelles.

Rather than taking my car to the Treadlie Market, I am going to try and take my bike on the train. Never having done this, I went down to the local VLine counter today see what I needed to do.

The lady behind the counter told me that first I have to determine if the train is a diesel train. If it is, I have to put my bike in the carriage behind the engine. (Huh, how do I know what a diesel train looks like? I thought they were all diesel?)

If it is a VLocity train, then the bike can go into the carriage. (Hmmm, how is it supported, do I use my stand, do I sit with it?)

Another slight worry is if the train is leaving from platform 3, rather than platform 1, at Geelong Station. If it leaves from platform 3, then the main access is up, over and down a set of stairs. Now there is no way I can lift the Gazelle up the stairs. So, instead, I apparently have to get a VLine staff member to open up the wheelchair access and escort me across. I'm not sure how easy it will be to find a helpful VLine staff member just after peak in the morning.

So a few, niggling worries - but should be right! I'll keep you posted.

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