Monday, 18 February 2013

Bikefest a Bikefizzer

I was pretty disappointed with the Bikefest Treadlie market.

Firstly, one of the main exhibitors I wanted to see, Cyclette, wasn't there. I had emailed them a couple of months before and received a reply saying that they were going; but they were a no-show. I couldn't find them on the program and after looking at the stands, I rang them to see if they were there and I'd missed them, but they didn't call back. (A later email said they had family problems.) So I was loaded down with cash and not a vest in sight.

Cyclestyle were there with their selection of lovely bicycle goods. I was interested in their range of bicycle handbags and tried quite a few on the Gazelle, but I either didn't like the fit or they were too small. I did buy a skirt garter - this attaches to the bottom of your dress or skirt to stop it flying up while riding. I tested it on the weekend - it works well.

Since Treadlie had sponsored the market, I checked out their stand. Treadlie magazine seems like a really nice read - great pictures and interesting articles. I bought a two-year subscription and I am looking forward to getting my first copy.

I also went to the Gazelle stand and met Paul from Gazelle Australia and had a chat with Gary from MySpokes.

The Gazelle Stand at Bikefest.

Other than that, it was slim pickings for me at Bikefest. I spoke to one person about draft-proofing my windows - only around $400 per window (!) - and I quickly moved on.

I was really hungry and could have demolished a burger, but it seems that sustainable living (the market was part of a three-day sustainable living festival) does not include hamburgers. Overall I thought the food at the market was very expensive and most of it did not appeal to me.

One massive positive from the day was the train travel. Taking a bike on a train is really excellent value as there is no extra charge for the bike. Not having out a bike on a train before, I was a bit nervous about how it would all pan out, but I found that VLine could not be more helpful. 

The train up to Melbourne left from Platform 3 at Geelong and this is usually accessed by going up and down a flight of stairs. So I needed someone to open the gates and get me across the rails - no problem! Someone came out straight away and escorted me across. 

The train that arrived a couple of minutes later was one where the bikes go in the conductor's area and again, everyone was extremely obliging. 

The return journey was just as good. 

Tip: Don't rely on the Gazelle bike stand - lean the bike up against a wall in the carriage.

On Wednesday, I am riding with Jules again. We are hoping to do the Capital City Trail by electric bike and I will be using the train again. Jules is meeting me in town but she will be using the suburban network for her bke. I hope her train trip is as easy.

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