Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stylish sun protection

One thing that annoys me about cycling is the bicycle helmet. No, I am not being a princess about sweaty, hat hair, but your typical helmet could be a bit more interesting. (I always wear a helmet, because Mr Aggy has had two bad accidents and both times his helmet stopped it from being worse.)

I really love the nutcase helmets - they have a great range of colours and sizes. 
Nutcase Street GEN2 Black Hibiscus - very pretty!
However, I have very sun-sensitive skin and I prefer to have a visor of some sort.

My researches also discovered 'Da Brim', but I personally don't like the look of these.

However, after a lot of searching, I finally found RockiNoggins. They have a great range of hats that fit over your helmet. As it is the height of summer, I have been wearing the black and white 'Kate'. I think it is great as it provides a much more shade compared with a visor.

These hats simply attach over your helmet. You put on some strips of velcro onto your helmet (supplied with your hat) and then attach the hat to these.

I actually went into Melbourne and bought a couple of the $5 RACV helmets, so I have a helmet per hat, but you can swap hats easily enough.

I also have an 'Annie', which I also wear. All their hats have a loop at the back where you can attach a light for riding in the dark.

The Seattle-based company is very responsive to emails and Elissa at RockiNoggins is always ready to answer any questions. For instance, for my shaped helmet she advised me to order a S/M in the Annie style but a L/XL in the Kate style.

So if you want a bit of a different look for your helmet, check them out!

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