Thursday, 14 March 2013

Getting off track (with an iPhone app)

On our trip from the CBD to Carrum, Mr Aggy suggested that we could have lunch at the Brown Cow in Small Street, Hampton. Now Small Street runs into Beach Road, so theoretically we could have kept an eye out for the street from the bike path (which runs along Beach Road).

However, I have an iPhone, and I thought that there must be a proximity app. that would sound an alarm when we needed to leave the trail.

I tried a couple of freebie apps, but I didn't like them, so I decided to risk $3(!) and downloaded Last Stop

This proved to be just what I wanted. I can type in my desired location and then I can set my proximity alarm to sound at any distance from 50 m to 9999 m. 

So on our ride, I set an alarm for Small St Hampton and then made sure that the proximity range included the bike path. The proximity range is shown as a circle on the map, so it was easy to see where it intersected the bike path. 

This worked like a charm! As we rode along the bike path in Hampton the alarm sounded and we knew to look for the Small Street turn-off.

Setting an alarm does seem to chew up battery power, so I suggest that you use a Mophie Juice Pack if you are going on a long ride.

I think that Last Stop will be really good for directionally-challenged people like me, as I can set alarms at all the crucial points on a bike trail to make sure I don't make a wrong turn. 

Good theory anyway!

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