Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Short ride, long lunch

The title says it all! This is really my sort of ride. J

On Sunday, a group of us met up in East Geelong and rode to Leura Park Estate winery for lunch. Now the distance from our house to the winery is only about 18 km. So I could have ridden my Trek, but I choose to ride the pedelec as it makes the day so much easier. My fellow cyclists were on 'normal' bikes, so as a whole our group had lots of exercise!

There was a strong crosswind on the ride along the Bellarine Rail Trail and I was a bit worried about having lunch outdoors at Leura Park. However, the tasting rooms blocked the wind and made sitting outside very pleasant.

Cyclists who lunch
The food was perfect for a light lunch. Some of us ordered the gourmet pizzas which were very tasty, although a bit heavy on the cheese. Others ordered the steak sandwich which looked delicious. 

Toilets were clean, 7/10, but there are only three of them: ladies, mens and disabled. No mirror in the disabled toilet.

After a very convivial lunch, we headed back onto the rail trail. The crosswind was still strong, but at least it wasn't raining.

On the way back, one of our group had a puncture. This required a lot of supervision by the rest to us to get changed.

Are you doing this correctly?

It was lucky it was a normal tyre that had a puncture because the Gazelle tyre is much harder to change. (See Rolling with the punctures to find out just how difficult it is.) Also I realised that I had left my puncture kit at home - so that would have made it even harder!

All in all a great day and other lunch rides could be on the cards.

Ride Details:
  • Ride about 36 km, flat
  • Very bad crosswind.
  • Used two bars of the Gold battery at 34 km.
  • Riding with no regard to battery conservation.
It is interesting to compare the above with the other Leura Park ride. That ride was longer (46 km) and was also windy. However, that time I was riding to conserve battery, so I only ticked over the second bar at 46 km. It's amazing what a bit of legs can do!

Number of Replaced
Car Trips
Total Distance

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