Wednesday, 6 March 2013

VLine 'screws up' mudguard

Well I'm blaming my latest bike problem on VLine for damaging my bike.

The other day I was riding along and suddenly, the front mudguard parted.

It seemed that the screw that was holding the two parts of the mudguard together had fallen out. (I assume this was a product of VLine dropping the bike.)

I needed to go out, so I had a quick think - blue tac to the rescue!

When I got home again, I rang Sean at MySpokes, and he kindly sent me some photos of what the screw I needed looked like. He also gave Mr Aggy some pointers on how to replace it.

Next to a ten cent piece

Screw in situ
Mr Aggy had a look around for a similar screw, but alas, we didn't have one. So onto MySpokes again and John put one in the mail. (How helpful is this bike shop - I wish it was local!)

Mr Aggy then had the tricky task of fixing the mudguard. He had to let down the tyre to have enough room to screw it in. 

Mudguard fixed!

But oh dear, I just went to turn on the Gazelle, and the battery is OK, but the controller doesn't work. Clearly we have mucked something up with our repairs. L

Stay tuned, I'll be calling MySpokes first thing in the morning. Looks like another trip up to Mooroolbark may be on the cards. 

Update: Sean talked me through it and all is OK. Thanks Sean!

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