Monday, 22 April 2013

Capital City Trail in a Stylish Rain Coat

The other day Kaz and I ventured forth along the Capital City Trail (clockwise). This is one of my favorite trails, so I was happy to do it again.

I caught the train up to Melbourne a bit ahead of our meeting time as I noticed that one of the supports for my mudguard had come away at the the front. So at 9:00 am on the dot, I went to a bike shop in Bourke St near the station who kindly fixed it for me (for free).

Kaz and I met up at Southern Cross station and headed off towards Costco and then across the street to the least appealing part of the trail. It runs by the side of the Moonee Ponds Creek (I think?) and the freeway. It is smelly and there are often homeless people there who hurl abuse at you as you ride past (though not this day). So we cycled through that part fairly quickly.

From there onto Parkville and down the trail to our first stop - coffee and cake. We stopped at the coffee shop next to Velo Cycles in Clifton Hill - St ALi North. We had a tasty cake each and a regular coffee, but the cost  - $12 each! Very expensive - not sure I'll stop there again.

After coffee, I took of photo of Kaz. I had been admiring her new raincoat all morning.

As you can see she is wearing this fantastic red raincoat made especially for cycling by Happy Rainy Days in the Netherlands. It is breathable and has a flap at the front so you can close the flap if it starts to rain and keep your legs dry. It looked great and I immediately came home and ordered one for myself. (FYI, I've ordered a large, but I'm a bit worried about the the length as I am shorter than Kaz.)

Little Red Riding Hood!

I found that I had to contact Happy Rainy Days via their Facebook page and ask them to email me. Neither their 'info' email address nor their phone number seemed to work. So If you love the coat and also want to order one, I suggest you email Saskia, via this email:   Shipping is 12.95 Euro.

We then continued along the trail. It turned out to be a lovely day, but a bit cold. 

Crossing Merri Creek - love the coat!

As usual, Dights Falls doesn't seem worthy of the name 'Falls'. Kaz suggested 'spillway' and I think this is a bit more descriptive.

Dights Falls - it's no Niagara!

One issue with the Capital City Trail is the 'serious' cyclists. Clearly they are not keen on sharing with people who are just tootling along. Of course, we moved over when people approached and when we heard a bell behind us, but one particularly aggressive rider didn't have a bell - just a big mouth! I guess that like drivers on the road, you get idiots on the trails.

Kaz lost her first bar at about 7 km on the Silver battery and I suggested that she get in the habit of turning off assist when going downhill. (Sean from MySpokes had given me this tip. If you pedal as you go downhill, the bike still tries to assist and you drain the battery.)

We finished the day at Southbank and had lunch at Ludlow Bar. It was $20 including a glass of wine or a pint of beer.We both had the burger, which was OK but not great.

Great view from our lunch spot

Ride Details:
  • Ride about 38 km, flat
  • I used 1 bar on the Gold battery at 24 km, no further bars used.

You can view the ride on Strava here.

Number of Replaced
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Total Distance

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