Monday, 8 April 2013

Oakleigh to Port Melbourne

And then we were three!

Yes, another rider has joined our ranks - Kaz who is also from Croydon. (She had previously contacted me via this blog about joining our rides.) 

Kaz met up with Jules at the Croydon station and I rode from Southern Cross station and met up with them both at Richmond station.

You could instantly tell that Kaz's bike is new - it was so shiny! I thought I was keeping mine in good condition, but clearly I need to lift my game.

The Gazelle Group!
As you can see Kaz is wearing a RockiNoggins - a 'Blake' I think with one of the accessory flowers pinned onto it. It looks great.

The coffee place in Oakleigh was called The Vanilla Lounge, and while we averted our eyes firmly from the cakes, they had a magnificent selection available. Toilets good and clean, 7/10. The tables outside were in a mall, so it was very pleasant.

Kaz's bike has a silver battery - but I don't think that will be a problem as we never go near running out of charge.

For today's ride I had purchased the 'Where to Ride in Melbourne' map and I also took along my 'Where to Ride in Melbourne' book. (I have edition 1 and I see that there is a new edition out, so I'd better get it. I am determined that we will not get lost!)

So off from Oakleigh we set and we cycled for a little bit down the Rosstown trail. (Sorry, I forgot to start Cyclemeter straight-away so I've missed this bit of the ride.)

Then we tootled through Urban Forest Trail in Murrumbeena and eventually joined the Gardner's Creek Trail. 

Where we joined the Gardiner's Creek Trail
I noticed that there were a number of lights set into the side of the trail and I was wondering if they solar. 

All was revealed later on. Great idea!

The Gardiners Creek Trail is very scenic. At one point there was a massive duck feeding frenzy on the trail.

Then later on, we ended up under the Monash freeway.

At this stage we arrived at the Melbourne CBD, but it seemed a bit early for lunch, so we decided to continue onto Port Melbourne via Southbank and Lorimer Street and then loop back to the City via the Sandridge trail.

On the way through Southbank we saw this great cafe which I assume is bicycle friendly!

Once we had looped back to Southbank, we had a lovely lunch at Il Primo Posto.

I caught the 3:20 pm train from Melbourne to Geelong and once again, VLine were hopeless. They refused to let me lie the bike down, they would not let me try and tie it to a fixture in the carriage, and it appears the bike has been dropped again. Useless!

Ride Details:
  • Ride about 30 km, flat, but with riding to Richmond I did 39 km for the day
  • Very windy around Port Melbourne, but OK everywhere else
  • I used a lot of legs and did 39 km, no bars used on Gold battery
  • Jules used one bar of the Gold battery at 31 km.
  • Kaz used one bar at 20 km and two bars at 34 km on a silver battery
You can view the ride on Strava here.

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Total Distance

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