Friday, 31 May 2013

Wish list for the next Gazelle model

Apologies for the delay in posting readers - life has gotten in the way a bit. 

I have still been riding as you will see from my replacement car trips. In fact, I have saved a fortune in parking fees this month as I have been in and out of Geelong CBD quite often. (Parking is outrageously expensive - $2 per hour.) I've also done a bit of riding up the country, but more of that another day.

In this post I thought that I would mention some of the features that I would love to see on the next Gazelle model  - XT Plus? Don't get me wrong, I love my Gazelle, but there is always room for improvement.

The Battery

  • More battery divisions - five is not enough! I'd like ten, but I would settle for eight. It just means that my range anxiety would be a lot less. When I'm down to 1 bar, I feel quite worried.
  • A Platinum battery that works with the XT. (I lust after more range!)
  • Quicker recharge would be handy too.


  • More gears would be helpful. I'd like additional lower gears for getting up hills as I like to use my legs where I can and I'd like some higher gears so I can keep up the with 'normal' bikes going down hills.

The Controller
  • I'd love a clock on the controller - I don't wear a watch and I keep having to check the time on my phone.
  • A raised button on the control pad would be good so I know when my finger is on the Mode button without looking.

Water bottle holder

  • They may not need to carry water in Holland, but we sure need it here.


  • I'd like a flashing rear light as standard and I'd like the ability to put the front light on flash too. Lights are good ways to attract attention when you are sharing the road with cars.

'Walk' feature for steep hills.

  • Sometimes, I just don't have the legs to get up a steep hill, even with maximum assist. So I have to get off the bike and push it. Well, the bike is heavy and the incline is great, so it's hard work. At this stage I long for a 'Walk' button - just a bit of unpedalled assist to help move the bike.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment. Any other suggestions?

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