Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bright Brewery and Boyntons Winery

Day 3 In the Victorian High country

On Day 3, a ride into Bright was planned. It was another lovely day and the paved trail made for easy riding. About halfway we had a rest stop at Eurobin station.

Eurobin Station

The ride into Bright - lovely!

It is about 30 km into Bright from Myrtleford and we had a very enjoyable lunch sitting outside at the Bright Brewery.  It was particularly nice as it was non-smoking outside, so for once we could have lunch without being surrounded by clouds of smoke. 

Bit of a cheat here - we took this  photo the next day!

After lunch it was about a 10 km ride back along the trail to Boyntons Winery. This is a really lovely winery with an outside eating area.  

Looking over Boynton's vines

The terrace outside

The view from Boynton's outside terrace

Finally a quick ride back to Myrtleford along a mostly flat track. Easy riding.

Nice views on the way back too - great weather!
Ride Details:
  • Ride about 59 km, flat
  • Paved trail
  • 1 bar on the Gold battery at 40 km, no further bars used.
  • Used boost a bit on the way back as I was stopping to take photos and then I boosted to catch up.

You can view the ride on Strava here.

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