Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bus-a-Bike, Stanley and Beechworth

Day 2 In the Victorian High country

Quite a long ride was planned for our second day in the Victorian High Country.

The Stanley Pub has a great reputation for it food and Janet had organised lunch there for our group. The only catch is that Stanley is about 22 km away straight up! (From Strava, the climb seems to be about 780 m.)

I was a bit worried that the Gazelle might find this a bit steep, so I caught the bus-a-bike instead. This is a great service that lets you load your bike onto a trailer and ride in comfort to various destinations. Myrtleford to Stanley was $90 between five of us. (Cheap, I thought compared with riding up that hill!)

The Gazelle on the bus-a-bike trailer

The bike is secured at the front and also by placing the pedal into this slot
 - quite clever
The lunch at Stanley was delicious and very convivial. Janet had done a lot of work beforehand and had organised a great menu. And after two filling courses and a few wines, I felt like taking a nap, not riding onto Beechworth. But on we went. 

Stanely Pub - very picturesque.

Beechworth is a nice touristy town and a good place for a stop. There was no winery there, but some of the group went to the Bridge Road Brewery.

Interesting mix of products in Beechworth!

After Beechworth we rejoined the trail and had a very enjoyable DOWNHILL ride. Yes, it was downhill for km after km on the trail from Beechworth until we reached the Myrtleford section of the rail trail at Everton and turned LEFT - or at least all but two of us turned left. The other two ended up in Wangaratta and had to be collected by car. (This despite many signposts indicating Myrtleford getting further and further away!)

Hard to see the downhill, but it was downhill for ages!

The way back from Everton seemed to take a long time and it was dark by the time we arrived back at camp. Fortunately the Gazelle has built-in lights, so I just switched these on. There was only one major hill at Taylor's gap which we approached from the other side to the ride on the previous day.

Ride Details:
  • Ride about 54 km, mostly downhill as I used the bus-a-bike for the uphill section
  • Paved trail
  • 1 bar on the Gold battery used at 38 km, no further bars used.
  • Riding with little regard for battery conservation, but there was a lot of downhill

You can view the ride on Strava here.

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