Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Long time, new bike!

Well, it's been a while, but I finally got back into pedelecing, only to have my Gazelle die on me. First the battery charger went ($230) and then after one charge, the battery died. I was really annoyed by this and I decided not to spend another $1,000 on an old technology bike.

There was a total of 3500 km on the Gazelle odometer so it cost more than $1 per km - bummer!

However, every expensive cloud has it's silver lining. After researching ebikes, I bought a Dyson (no relation to the vacuum company) Hard Tail Mixte.

Here's the link here: https://www.dysonbikes.com.au/products/hard-tail-mixte.html. However, I upgraded to the 15 MA battery as I wanted the maximum range possible.

Here's why I chose the Dyson Hard Tail Mixte:
  • I wanted to be able to keep pedaling over 27 km, and the Mixte has 9 gears, so I can do this easily. (In fact, I can get up to around 32 km/hr limited only by my legs!);
  • I wanted to be able to do long distances, and I should be able to be around 100 km on this;
  • I can ride it unpowered, even up hills (but not really steep hills!);
  • The motor in the back makes it easier to handle than the Gazelle's motor on the front wheel;
  • It has mountain bike tyres. (Actually I wasn't sure about these originally, but they are really wide and very stable, so I am more confident riding, especially on gravel.
  • It's tyres are easily changed, unlike the Gazelle.
  • It is more like my non-powered bike.

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