About Me

I'm a bit of a casual cyclist and I would say that I am kind of fit - but I'm definitely not a fitness fanatic.

I have a Trek WSD hybrid can cycle around 50 km if the weather is good and the pace is slow. But I like shorter rides and I prefer a circuit as I worry if I go too far I won't have the energy to get back! All rides must, (of course), finish with coffee. 

I'm hoping the pedelec bike will give me some incidental exercise while I am doing the shopping. Also I'm hoping I can commit to some longer rides without worrying about how I'm going to return. 

It is early days yet with the Gazelle Innergy XT (I got it on the 28 December 2012), but I am finding longer rides are a lot less daunting and 'boost' is my best friend. 

Most of the rides in this blog list the km travelled and the battery used (I have a Gold battery).

I am also tracking my 'car replacement trips'. If I have made one or more of these, the tally appears at the very bottom of the blog pages.

You can contact me directly by converting the address below into an email address:

aggy at pedelecing dot com